Topaz - Rough Cut

Topaz and Citrine Gemstones

Topaz and citrine are the birthstones of fall month of November. With an array of autumnal colors, topaz and citrine rightfully match the season, which is why they are one of Schwanke-Kasten Jewelers’ favorite gemstones for jewelry! So settle down, preferably with a cup of hot cider, as Schwanke-Kasten dives into these gorgeous birthstones.

Topaz and Citrine

topaz and citrine gemstones

Jewelry – Topaz

Topaz, a lustrous and marvelous gem, exists in a plethora of hues; from a fiery pink or a crisp orange to a cool blue! Additionally, this gemstone can display pleocoloric properties (multiple colors when viewed from different angles)! According to gemologists, topaz is allochromatic by nature and only takes on color due to chemical impurities or treatments.

These gemstones can grow to huge proportions! So much so, that it no longer makes sense to measure them in carats, but rather in tons! Gemologists have also dictated that topaz is one of the very few gemstones that is a birthstone for multiple months (November – Imperial Topaz, December – blue topaz).

Large Imperial Topaz deposits were discovered in the Ural Mountains by geologists in the 19th century and were named as such after the Russian Czar. However, the Portuguese celebrate the discovery of Imperial Topaz in 1768.

citrine gemstone

Jewelry – Citrine

On the other hand, the truly autumnal November birthstone citrine, pretty much only exists in the typical fall hues, due to the traces of iron in the gem. Citrine, is actually a quartz based gemstone, similar to amethyst. This stone is generally very rare to find naturally. Many gemologists will resort to heat-treating amethysts to bring out the orange hues. While, citrine doesn’t grow as massive as topaz, jewelers have created pieces using up to 20 carats of citrine!

Both topaz and citrine gemstones have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years. In fact, these civilizations often times confused these gemstones with each other!

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